Caduceus magazine reported: "Rosemary Duxbury has the gift of melody" and her music has also been quoted as being 'a special brand of minimalism in a profound spiritual context' (Anthony Pither, Director of Music, University of Leicester). Her music is often described as being beautiful, dream-like, pure, powerful, relaxing, accessible, melodic, classical, contemporary, ethereal and with space and heart. Rosemary describes her initial source of inspiration as being "from within: a place where 'streams' of 'inner sound' and 'inner light' can be accessed."

Growing up in Quorn, Leicestershire, England, Rosemary Duxbury studied piano (with composer John Brydson, and later with Jessie Jameson and concert pianist, Marlene Fleet) and was a violinist in the Leicestershire School of Music under Eric Pinkett and Peter Fletcher. She went on to study Music and Inter-Arts at Bretton Hall College, Leeds University. Now composing and teaching privately, she is a member of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, the Performing Rights Society, the Central Composers Alliance and Sound Current

Her work includes compositions for piano, voice, choir, orchestra and chamber groups. Her music has been performed around the UK, Europe, in America and Canada, and has been broadcast on Classic FM, BBC Radio, and in America and Canada. As well as being performed in the concert repertoire, her compositions have also been used in multi-media performances (including work with poets Jay Ramsay, Marion Fawlk, Denise Fast, video artist Kathy Hinde, and visual artists Frances Marsh and Anthony Smith); choreographed for dance; choreographed for ice-skating (by former world professional ice skating champion Lorna Brown); used in theatre (by Swiss director Roelof Overmeer); and for short film (Adam's Song: Mark French). Photographer, Annette Horn, chose Rosemary's music to accompany her show at the Galerie Röver in Nürnberg entitled "Mehr als das Auge fassen kann" - which translated means "More than meets the eye". Swiss photographer and director, Benoit Renevey, has recently used Rosemary's piano music (recorded by pianist Patricia Siffert) to accompany his beautiful images and those by the well-known underwater photographer Michel Roggo in the 'Spectacle audiovisuel': 'Au fil de l'eau' which was presented at the Centre Pro Natura de Champ-Pittet, on the edge of the Neuchatel Lake, Switzerland.

Increasingly, Rosemary hears how her music is used in a variety of contexts, for example being chosen for rites of passage: the birth of babies, for weddings and memorials; used for contemplation; popularly used by therapists, accompanying chi-gong, yoga, massage etc; and various art galleries play the music to accompany contemporary artists' works, with The Yew Tree Gallery (near St Ives) and Gallery Anthony (at Mullion), both in Cornwall, specifically having presented Rosemary's music for many years. There seems to be a relationship to the visual with Rosemary's work because several artists report they work and create listening to the music.

Her first CD "On Wings of Light" features Patricia Siffert (piano) as soloist, and accompanist to Catherine Musker (viola), Tony Hinnigan (cello) - both members of the Michael Nyman band - and Rosemary Greenlees (oboe). Michael Madden of Kindred Spirit magazine wrote, "Beautifully crafted debut CD. This was a delight to review", and Sally Peterson of Classic FM described it as "a deliciously peaceful album."

Her latest work is recorded on the CD "Streams" (Charasound) which was launched at the University of Leicester at a piano recital performed by Patricia Siffert, the featured pianist on the CD. The music critic wrote, "This prophetess is fortunate to have found a priestess so sympathetic to her hymns to the light." The concert, featuring Rosemary Duxbury's piano music, alongside Debussy and Janacek, included two world premieres: 'Passage' a piano sonata in 3 movements, 'Streams I - IV' for piano solo and a UK premiere, 'Après' - a piano miniature.

Invited by educator and author, Morag Hunter-Carsch, Rosemary has given workshops on the topic of "Music, Emotion and Wellbeing'' at a CIREA/SEBDA International Conference entitled 'Communication, Emotion & Behaviour' at the University of Leicester. As a result of this her work was published in 2006 by Continuum books in a chapter called "Music and Personal Growth" as part of ‘The Handbook of Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: Educational Engagement and Communication’(edited by Morag Hunter-Carsch, Yonca Tiknaz, Paul Cooper and Rosemary Sage.)

Rosemary Duxbury's sheet music is published by Charasound. Her short piano pieces "In the Master's Love", "In the Presence" , "Après" and "Always" were published in 2007, as was the longer piano prelude, "Awakenings" . The latest publication is “On Wings of Light” which has just been released. There are plans to publish further works in 2009.


"Streams" music for piano solo and string orchestra & harp, performed by pianist Patricia Siffert and Sinfonica Aosta (conductor Emmanuel Siffert). CD (Charasound 2006)
"On Wings of Light" instrumental music featuring Patricia Siffert (piano), Catherine Musker (viola), Tony Hinnigan (cello), Rosemary Greenlees (oboe). CD (Anami 1997/Charasound 2008)
"Awakenings" The instrumental music of Rosemary Duxbury C60 (Romi Records 1993)
"Thread of Gold" A collaboration with poet Jay Ramsay C60 (Romi Records 1992)
"In the Master's Love" is recorded by Julian Hellaby, piano, for the CD "Music for a While" (Central Composers Alliance 2001)

Published writing
"Music and Personal Growth" Chapter 24 ‘The Handbook of Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: Educational Engagement and Communication’. Edited by Morag Hunter-Carsch, Yonca Tiknaz, Paul Cooper and Rosemary Sage. (Continuum 2006)

Sheet Music
"Après", "Always", "In the Master's Love" and "In the Presence" short piano solos

"Awakenings" - piano prelude
(Charasound 2007)

"On Wings of Light" - piano prelude
(Charasound 2008)

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