the piano music of Rosemary Duxbury

Performed by Patricia Siffert

Patricia Siffert plays Rosemary Duxbury’s latest piano music. This new album features the piano sonata “Mirrors of light 1”, “Without words without silence” and  other new works. The CD was recorded at Potton Hall Studio in Suffolk, England. This is new British piano music for the 21st century.


A thread so fine


Without words, without silence


Mirrors of light 1 1st movt

Mirrors of light 1 2nd movt

Mirrors of light 1 3rd movt

Mirrors of light 2



Prayer (see youtube video of rehearsal)

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Read about the making of the forthcoming CD at Potton Hall recording studio, Suffolk, England.


Extract from CD Booklet:

In recent years of writing, I knew I had opened up to a greater exploration of my own consciousness. It’s an ongoing journey and this time it felt I was traveling through ‘space’ showing me new areas waiting to be explored. Following this, Mirrors of light began to emerge. As is usual with my work,

I perceive light informing the structure. I could sense mirrors involved as if light was being projected into space so that I could see something beyond. At the same time, there was the feeling of reflections on an expanse of water, and I realised that bodies of water are also mirrors of light. What was curious however, is that I knew the first piece that came through was called Mirrors of light 2, which of course told me I had Mirrors of light 1 still to write, which arrived a year later. It is this same process of trust, a recognition of a higher purpose and gratitude that informs the compositions of A thread so fine, Release (composed in response to a poem by Sarah Fawcett), Acceptance (sub-titled Opening your wings) and Prayer.

The Seagull motif

Mirrors of light CD was launched with two piano recitals given by Patricia Siffert on June 22nd, 2012 in Leicester and June 23rd at Gloucester Cathedral. Long before this, a motif for the project presented itself to Rosemary.

Rosemary writes “The motif of the CD and the project of “Mirrors of light” has been ‘the seagull’. The day after the CD was recorded, the Charasound team took a trip to Southwold on the Suffolk coast, and this is where I captured the photograph (used for the CD cover) of the seagull flying into the sunlight. At this point I became very aware that the seagull seemed to me to represent the journey of this project. It had been the image that photographer Annette Horn had chosen to project to accompany the World Premiere of Mirrors of light 2 in Germany, and here they were again as we walked on the Suffolk coast. It is a bird that connects ocean and land representing for me a link between the spiritual and earth. At Gloucester Cathedral I was surprised and delighted to find that seagulls abound there too! At the still point of Mirrors of light 2 performance, a point where the music embraces space and silence, the seagulls above the Cathedral started to call. In my opinion that was perfect timing! Their sound became part of the live performance. Then as the piece came to an end, the Cathedral joined in too - with a couple of perfectly placed chimes to complete the performance. Divine orchestration!


NEW Youtube video: Recording the CD at Potton Hall Studio in Suffolk, England:

Patricia Siffert - piano

Patricia has played on all of Rosemary Duxbury’s CDs but this is the first CD that is entirely featuring her playing. She was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. She received the ‘Diplôme de Virtuosité’ from the Fribourg Conservatory of Music (1983) and was a prizewinner of several competitions in her country including the ‘Swiss Musician Association’ prize (1985-6)

which enabled her to study with Victor Rosenbaum in Boston, USA.

After further studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama she participated in master classes given by Martin Isepp and Graham Johnson at the Britten-Pears School in Aldeburgh, and at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada. Peter Feuchtwanger and Martin Jones have had a great influence in broadening her understanding of piano playing.

She has performed as soloist and chamber musician internationally, with concerts given in North America, Israel (Bach concerto for two pianos with the Israel Chamber Orchestra, cond. by Noam Sheriff), and several European countries. She played Schumann’s piano concerto with the ‘Orchestre des Jeunes de Fribourg’ (cond. Theophanis Kapsopoulos), and performed Mozart’s Jeunehomme piano concerto and Hindemith’s Four Temperaments on tour in the Czech Republic with the ‘Youth Orchestra of the Suisse Romande’ (cond. Th. Kapsopoulos).

She has played for the Swiss Radio and has recorded two previous CDs of music by Rosemary Duxbury on the Charasound label. As well as giving regular performances as a soloist and chamber musician, she also teaches piano studies at the Institut Jaques- Dalcroze in Geneva.